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To prove our faith in the future of crypto, we’re exchanging DAC Coin at a BTC value of $10,000, and offering equally high valuations for all currencies.

The world’s first Community Crypto Exchange Coin

Pioneering the next trillion-dollar market

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Dacxi Boom

The Retail Investor Opportunity

Crypto’s first growth wave began in 2013 and peaked at the end of 2017 with a surge to a total market cap of USD$800 billion. This first wave was driven by crypto pioneers, coders, technology enthusiasts and individual traders.

As a result of this growth, 0.5% of the global population (approx. 33 million people) now own crypto assets. The next global crypto growth wave will be an order of magnitude larger and will be driven by two new investor sectors: Institutions and Retail Investors.

Retail Investors are a very different market compared to those early crypto pioneers. At present, they lack the confidence, knowledge and technical ability that is needed to invest in crypto assets. These barriers to entry have prevented 99% of global retail investors from entering the market. When these barriers to entry are solved, it is estimated that up to 500 million Retail Investors will invest $1trillion in crypto assets by 2022. This is Dacxi’s mission. To remove these barriers to entry and on-board the next wave of retail investors into crypto.

Types of Exchanges

Dacxi Boom

A new kind of Crypto Exchange

Existing crypto exchanges made record profits in 2017. In 2018, Exchange Coins have been one of the best performing sectors in a flat market. However, Retail Investors are yet to invest in crypto because existing crypto exchanges are not designed for them. Trader Exchanges are too complicated, technical and intimidating. Wallet Exchanges, although simple to use, do not provide Retail Investors with the support, education and knowledge they need to confidently invest in crypto assets.

The solution is a new kind of exchange called a Community Exchange. The Dacxi Community Exchange is designed to support the next wave of Retail Investors and unlock this new trillion dollar market.

Dacxi - Digital Asset Community Exchange International

Dacxi is the first mover in the new trillion dollar Community Exchange category. We’ve recruited the world’s leading developers, designers and digital marketers to build an ecosystem that will protect and empower this new 500 million strong Retail Investor market.

Unlike most ICOs our business is in market. We have already built and launched the first MVP versions of our exchange, community and Crypto-VC platforms. Dacxi is positioned to deliver a unique investment ecosystem that will lead this new exchange category.

The Dacxi Ecosystem

The Dacxi business model is based on a unique ecosystem designed to scale to become one of the world’s premium crypto asset exchange brands.

The platforms that make up the ecosystem are a world class Community Crypto-Exchange, a global community platform, an innovative Crypto-Venture Capital platform and the DAC coin. The Dacxi properties work together to strengthen the core Dacxi proposition and provide a best in class user experience.

Dacxi Exchange

The Dacxi Exchange guarantees the DAC Coin listing. It also features:

  • Robust security
    Built by a trusted platform provider that has never had a security breach.

  • A simple user experience
    Serving global investors in multiple languages. It’s easy to understand. Easy to invest.

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Dacxi Community

We’ve created a community full of features that will educate, inform and inspire first time investors, including:

  • Dacxi Learn Courses

  • Real World Meetups

  • Expert Dacxi Dragons

  • Crypto Discussions

  • Coin Analysis

  • Latest Crypto News

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Crypto-VC aims to revolutionise the ICO market through a unique patented process that will produce a stream of high-quality investment opportunities for the Dacxi Community and new listings for the Dacxi Exchange.

Its links to the Dacxi ecosystem provide new businesses with a new fundraising stream, while its rapid post-ICO listing unlocks a lucrative investment opportunity for our community members.

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DAC Coin

The DAC Coin is the world’s first Community Exchange crypto coin. Exchange coins like Binance’s BNB Coin and KuCoin’s KCS Token have been top performers in 2018. The Exchange Coin category is one of the best performing sectors in the crypto space. That’s because exchange coins provide real utility to their users and provide liquidity to their exchanges. Dacxi’s DAC Coin is the next big Exchange Coin.

Step One

Coin value

The coin’s value comes from discounted exchange fees, premium community benefits and pre-ICO investment opportunities.

Step One

Growing demand

Following the exchange listing on Dacxi Exchange (and others), demand will be driven by the interest created by our global marketing campaigns.

Step One

Coin price

The coin price will be launched at 1c/coin and will rise by 0.1c per week.

Step One

Reducing supply

70% of all Dacxi profits will be used to repurchase and burn DAC Coins reducing the amount in circulation until just 50% remain.

Building Desire for the DAC Coin

The key to Dacxi’s success is customer acquisition and creating a strong appetite for the DAC Coin. Our team is focused on marketing campaigns that educate, inspire, and motivate customers to participate and join our ecosystem. We’ve already begun our campaigns in 6 languages and will roll out to 20 more.

Education-focused Marketing

We’re offering free coins to teach first-time retail investors across the world to get in on our Exchange and see how easy it is to become an investor. We then funnel them into more advanced learning structure within the Dacxi Community where we’ll create lessons from a multi-million dollar crypto investor.

Our focus is on helping our customers build confidence and become savvy investors through seamless learning from high-quality content.

The DAC Coin Distribution Plan

Token Distribution
Token distribution
Use of Funds Raised
Use of funds raised

Token Technical Details

Soft Cap

$3,000,000 USD

Hard Cap

$10,000,000 USD
Protocol: ERC20
Token: DAC
Tokens Available: 10,000,000,000


One Pager     Whitepaper

Dacxi employs over 50 people all over the world. Some of them want to say hello.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DAC Coin is unique. It’s the first Community Membership Coin in crypto. DAC Coin holders receive exclusive Dacxi Community benefits such as access to premium content, advanced crypto learning and the ability to earn more DAC Coin for creating high-quality content in the community. Investors that have 10,000 DAC Coin or more, get early access to pre-ICO investment opportunities as well as the Dacxi Community benefits listed above.

500 million first-time investors are expected to start investing in crypto by 2022. The problem they face is that crypto is confusing. They’ll need help to understand the confusing language of cryptocurrency and a community they trust to help them learn and invest. Dacxi is perfectly positioned to help them get started in crypto. We’re dedicated to providing ordinary people with the advice, inspiration and confidence they need to start investing in crypto. By doing so, we will attract a large portion of new crypto investors and become the number one brand in crypto.

You don’t need any special knowledge of crypto to take advantage of the opportunity. Everything you need to know about Dacxi and how to invest in DAC Coin is on this page. But if you do need some help, please contact our team.

We are proud to announce that the DAC Coin will be listed first on our very own Dacxi Exchange on August 2.

There is currently no KYC procedure for buying DAC Coin during the ICO phase. However, you will need to complete KYC verification on the Dacxi Exchange to receive and trade your DAC Coins.

Hard Cap: $10,000,000 USD

Soft Cap: $3,000,000 USD

Total DAC Coin supply: 10,000,000,000

Price at the start of the ICO: 1 DAC Coin = 1 cent.

Price at the end of the ICO: 1 DAC Coin = 1.6 cents.

Price when listed on the Dacxi Exchange: 1 DAC Coin = 2 cents.

We've implemented the strongest security techniques to safeguard your DAC Coin, including:

  • Having our exchange code externally audited.

  • Storing your DAC Coin in cold wallet storage in a military grade vault in Switzerland.

  • Following best practice security recommendations by the OWASP.

  • Providing two factor authentication with Google Authenticator or email on the Dacxi Exchange.

We accept BTC, ETH, BCH, USD, EUR and GBP.

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